Highly Targeted 100K-2M people/day DM Service

$650$7,999 usd

  • This service is 100% targeted to your niche of choice, we’re able to send messages from 100K-2M people in one single day!
  • Imagine reaching anywhere from 100k-2M people in a single day in your target market how many on target followers and inbound leads you can receive!
  • Need a way to get daily 24/7 leads & followers in your niche this is the best way!
  • Below you’ll find the pricing, we’ve set it so that the more DM’s you do the price decreases drastically! So don’t be scared to go big because you’re getting incredible discounted pricing! Everything is handsfree and done by us, you just wait 3-5 days and get an insane amount of inbound leads!
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